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Job recruitment

Job recruitment

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█ Assistant Engineer for Research and Development
Job responsibilities:

1. Research and development material warehouse management, in and out of the warehouse record inventory

2. Production materials in and out of the warehouse management.

3. Production of the whole machine storage management.

4. After-sales, problem maintenance management.

5. Research and development project team personnel on-the-job, training, attendance record management.

6. Research and development procurement, supplier bank maintenance and management.

█ Medical Device Registrar

Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for medical device registration application, preparation of information, sent for inspection, declaration;
2, responsible for the search and evaluation of relevant domestic laws and regulations;
3, the project to carry out follow-up progress, regular reporting of the progress of the work;

Job requirements:
1. College education, has more than 2 years of medical device registration work experience, has declared the registration of three types of active medical devices and successful cases.
2. Be able to independently complete the preparation of product registration standards, and testing center, review center, customer can communicate well.
3. Have good oral and written communication and communication coordination skills.
4. Familiar with the relevant medical device regulations, ISO13485 internal auditor qualification.