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    • DR
    • Description: Introduction to Digital Radiography (DR): It is used for X-ray examination of head, chest, abdomen or arms and legs, known as an ideal digital radiography system with clear-cut image, fast imaging speed and small radiation.
    • Digital gastrointestinal system
    • Description: Introduction to Dynamic Multifunctional Digital Radiography: It is widespread in interventional radiology, special radiography, ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography), or any requirement of clinical radiography besides alimentary canal checkup, chest radiography, whole body bone radiography, urography, hystero-salpingography, and other digital imaging.
    • Absorptiometry
    • Description: Introduction to Bone Mineral Density Absorptiometry: Digital Duel-energy X-ray Bone Mineral Density Absorptiometry can test bone mineral density and bone mineral content of patients, and is applicable to diagnostic study of osteoporosis and orthopedics due to high accuracy.