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Small animal (rat/mouse) MRI system
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Small animal (rat/mouse) MRI system

Small animal (rat/mouse) MRI sys

Use the most powerful permanent material N52 ,eddy current suppression and best open magnet design to reduce the weight
Imported mature and stable GPA, high performance gradient coils, no eddy current interference, better imaging performance
High-performance, low-noise RF power amplifier with compact structure and safe and reliable operation
Rich 2D and 3D imaging sequences and technologies,easy using software
Customized RF coils for all kinds of animals, suitable for small animal like mouse to large dogs
Special designed pet placement tools,makes it easy to positioning the animals in seconds
Imported full digital spectrometer, powerful magnetic resonance control core
One phase AC required and low power consumption
Field strength:1.0T
Homogeneity:≤40PPM  @60mm x 90mm DSV 
Gradient Amplitude:440mT/m
Slew rate:1450T/m/s
RF transmission power:500W
Pulse sequences
Spin echo(SE)
Turbo spin echo(TSE)
Standard IR(IR)/Short inversion time IR(STIR)
Fluid Attenuation IR(FLAIR)
2D Gradient echo(GRE2D)/CINE GRE2D
3D Gradient echo(GRE3D)
3D turbo spin echo(TSE3D)
maging capabilities
Acquire Matrix:64*64-1024*1024
Space resolution:≤0.1mm
Minimum slice thickness:0.5mm 2D, 0.1mm 3D

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