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Dynamic multi-functional digital X-ray machine (digital gastrointestinal machine)
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Dynamic multi-functional digital X-ray machine (digital gastrointestinal machine)

Dynamic multi-functional

XGY-RF630-1 dynamic multi-functional digital X-ray machine in addition to can meet conventional radiation, digital system can make more extensive clinical use, such as interventional radiation, special imaging, ERCP surgery, etc., basically can meet the various clinical requirements.

With a complete set of functions and fullcompliance with the DICOM 3.0 protocol, it can be used as a separate digital medical diagnostic imaging system, but also convenient to access RIS, HIS, PACS systems through the system configuration.


EMD Epsilon EPS 45-80 Solid State High Frequency Generator

State-of-the-art high-frequency modules and solid-state technology

Up to 240kHz, the highest inverter frequency is unique in today's world

High-precision X-ray parameters

Fast-track tube voltage and current

Short exposure time

Minimal space installation requirements

Significant reduction and reduction in generator size and weight

The module concept makes it possible to manage the system configuration at a low cost

High efficiency and looser resistance requirements for mainline


State-of-the-art digital image system

Real-time digital shadowing

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) domestic technology

Redundant Bypass stand-alone video output

Perspective ring technology

The path map

Pulse perspective

Programmable Series Photography

Reference image output

Pulse perspective


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