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Where is the real value of the medical equipment industry?

Where is the real value of the medical equipment industry?

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In the past, traditional medical imaging equipment enterprises, more is the pursuit of hardware products constantly updated iterations. And Neusoft Medical, in addition to lean quenching hardware performance, is also thinking about the real value of the medical equipment industry in the end?

In 2018 CCR, Neusoft Medical has released two new products: the 256-layer wide-body ct-NeuViz Glory Yew CT and the suspended dual-center seven-axis intelligent vascular machine, NeuAngio 30C Hanwu DSA. The MR, Image Cloud, Artificial Intelligence Demonstration System and NeuVision 550M Plus Wave Mobile Digital Medical X-ray Photography System are also on display. Equipment Home interviewed The CEO of Neusoft Medical, Wu Shaojie, in the hope of learning the story behind the rapid development of Neusoft Medical over the years.

It is reported that the products launched by Neusoft Medical not only by the major medical institutions in the country recognized, but also to achieve a real "going out", serving more than 110 countries more than 9,000 medical institutions, the total installed capacity reached more than 30,000 units. In particular, Neusoft Medical's CT and MR for five consecutive years in the domestic export volume ranked first. In addition, in response to the national Belt and Road Initiative, cooperation has been carried out with more than 80 per cent of countries along the Belt and Road route.

In this regard, Wu gave the answer: "from the clinical, to the clinical, is the way to success." Wu said that Neusoft Medical pays attention to the effect of product development in practical clinical application. The company assembled a group of hospital brain experts think tank, from product demand, research, design to prototype testing, production are involved. This also ensures a seamless interface between product development and clinical applications. At the same time, Neusoft Medical has a number of productclinical applications of the pilot units, the whole process involved in the launch of products on the market.

It is based on the establishment of this tacit understanding with the hospital, so that Neusoft Medical has enough strength to invest in product research and development work, so that product technology truly serves clinical needs.

Aim to be a provider of comprehensive solutions for clinical diagnosis and treatment

For the yaoshi CT, which was released by Neusoft Medical on CCR, the design of the YEW CT was designed to enable more hospitals to use advanced application synth synth synths: artificial intelligence technology, energy spectrum applications, high heart rate and complex heart rate coronary imaging, and based on China, to effectively solve the problems faced by Chinese doctors.

NeuViz Glory CT reaches 0.259 seconds of speed and 8cm spectrum coverage per lap, achieves a cardiac cycle to complete the coronary examination of the heart, and applies artificial intelligence technology to scanning, imaging, diagnosis, processing and service, providing patients with personalized, standardized scanning solutions. A platform for high efficiency and high diagnostic rates for doctors.