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Talent strategy and the United Way
Today's world of business competition in the final analysis is the competition for talent, wisdom competition. XinGaoYi decision-makers and managers is to understand from a strategic perspective and deal with this problem, so it can always maintain a vibrant and innovative spirit of the team.
Specific approach is: the cause to keep people, attract people to treatment, encourage people to the mechanism.
The company 's philosophy is: people-oriented implementation strategy, continue to attract and develop talents; to occupation and specialization for features of high-quality talent to provide strong support and backing for the company's sales, management, research and development and production; advocate of learning and communication, pay attention to the requirements and development of employees, improve and update the knowledge and skills of employees; provide a variety of opportunities for employee occupation development; through human resource practice, construct the human resource of the enterprise competitive advantage.
In order to strive for a talent, Mr Gao Dajian often went to the trouble of candidates, went to the city, and a good talk, that thirst after talents attitude. Compared with other companies, XinGaoYi in the introduction of talent is unique.
In addition to the talent strategy, XinGaoYi company with Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University and other units set up a partnership, through joint development, set up cooperation center and technology transfer way transverse joint road, thus greatly accelerating the speed of technological progress.
XinGaoYi also attaches importance to expert advice or opinion. In recent years, been invited to visit the company and give lectures at home and abroad well-known magnetic resonance scholars up to dozens of people. Indelible they play in the company 's role in the development of.
We believe that the first-class enterprise need first-rate talent, first-class talent to create first-class enterprise.
Now, pay great attention to the talents, knowledge, respect the experts has become the consensus of the company.