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Technical support

Technical support

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XinGaoyi solemn commitment to users:

1. Short installation cycle
To ensure that the contract is installed and commissioned within 45 working days from the date of performance, to maximize the time savings for users to promote the economic and social benefits of the hospital.
2. Warm after-sales service
Timely protection: the provincial capital city within 24 hours response in place, non-provincial capital city within 48 hours to arrive.
Ultra-high power-on rate: 345 days (95%) of the year guaranteed.
3. Unlimited software upgrades
Unlimited free upgrades to the base software version of the same model
4. Complete training programmes
(1) Headquarters operation, maintenance, diagnostic training;
(2) Advanced diagnostic training;
(3) On-site training in the hospital.
5. Instant support
24-hour network and phone response.